Friday, March 28, 2008

Wearing a helmet???

I have to say that after seeing the images on Collins post I'm not sure whether the helmet helped or not. I would post some of the photo's on here but they're are pretty graphic and to be honest I would warm the quesy to rather just carry on reading. the guy got his head stuck in/on a back of a truck. Not exactly sure how to explain it but somehow he managed to jam his head, helmet and all, into the back of a semi. Needless to say the helmet saved his life because it could only have been certain death if you look at the state of his bike. however the poor guys trip didn't end there and he was dragged along for a few miles before the cops pulled over the truck. Now imagine stepping out the truck and seeing what was hanging from the back. Hope the guys is OK becasue apparently he did survive so hope he isn't paralyzed becasue his neck looked almost giraffe like hanging off the back.
Another favourite of mine is history. I look it at school and have always had a keen interest in most things vintage. So when I start cycling one of the area's that I enjoyed reading about were riders stories from the peleton. The guts and the way the guys dug so deep to win a race or put on a brilliant performance. Recently I came across Richards bolg and he has some really fantastic reading. Johan Van der Velde, a dutchman in Italy and a dominate one at that. You would not expect the dutch to do well in the hills, seeing as half the country sits below sea level. If you want a story about someone pushing the very limits of human ability then look no further that the '88 Giro. van der Velde went on to take Cima Coppi on the climb up the Gavia in weather that could be described as unridable, with half the peleton finishing the race in their team cars. He took the stage by horns and drove through rain and snow making it all the more impressive for the dutchman to take the highest climb of the Giro that year. Read the full story on Richards site.
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