Friday, April 4, 2008

Back on track

Finally end of the week and I was able to relax a bit. Been a bit rough the past few weeks so glad this weekend came around. Problem is that I have been far too busy at work to get riding. This does not equate to happy being, especially after eleven hours at work and then the two hour commute. Wanted to cycle yesterday but then went with Mirit and finished up some stuff that we've been meaning to do at the shops, retail therapy got the weekend off to a good start. For those of you wondering why I'm talking about Friday being a weekend well here in Israel we have the weekend a day early but that also means that we start the week on a Sunday. Bit weird in the beginning seeing as all the good sport is generally scheduled for the end of the weekend when everyone is chilling, here its the first day of the grind. So with that out the way I had today to do my shite. Well actually it was half n half, becasue went up to the LBS to take the BB off an old frame I found in the trash. The bike was in terrible condition with every exposed bit of metal rusted, well except the frame. So i took every thing off and now am converting it into a single speed for Mirit. She has hinted at wanting to start riding so decided i would take my old junker apart and put all the components on her new bike. The frame is all chrome and silver, looks pretty sweet even though it won't be top of the range. Its my first bike build so sure I'll have plenty of stories to tell. Pity I don't have a camera or i could post some pic's along the way. (Note to self: MUST get digital camera) We've been meaning to buy one after our other one was stolen but just haven't got around to doing anything about it. So that took up the morning as I used what tools I had to put the bike together, basically allen keys, a hammer and pliers. Still far from done as I need a headset, seatpost and probably a new BB. Also converting to a SS will be a bit easier as there are no gears to worry about. The bonus is that I will be get new tools along the way so my toolkit will be expanding in the next few weeks.
The second part of the day was even more interesting because this involved actually riding the bike and not tinkering. I must add though that I did enjoy taking the old Giant apart and putting the pieces onto the new bike. Went out for a sixty kilometer loop, took about three and a half hours. Two gels and a Nature Bar later I was back home and stoked that I went out for a long ride again. Got rid of all that rust and I finally did over three hours of riding non stop. I have done it before but not at the pace I was pushing today so it felt really good. Tomorrow will be an easy ride with Mirit's brother Omri. Should be good. Tired now so going to hit the hay. Have a fantastic weekend all.
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