Sunday, April 6, 2008

Back to work

Decided to take ten minutes out of my day to empty my mind. The thing about working on a Sunday is that most people in the world are relaxing next to a pool and sipping cold drinks, well they would be if it wasn't snowing. So our trip across Israel has officially been confirmed, I've put in the time off and ordered the panniers. I would love to say we've been planning like crazy and organization all the needed logistics but alas it is not so. We'll basically take it day by day and see where we get. Luckily this is not like taking a trip overseas where you land in a foreign country and are not sure about the availability of things. Accommodation is taken care of, open starry skies. We decided against a tent simply becasue if it does rain then a miracle has taken place and the water will sure be holy or something like that. Also it's not so cold in the evenings so a sleeping bag will keep the chill at bay. Worst comes to worst we phone a friend and ask them to bring us the tent. Food again will not be a problem becasue the route is not in complete wilderness and we will buy what we need on a daily basis. This again is a weight saving option as well as the fact that I enjoy fresh food. Water is probably the most important thing we'll need to worry about but I want to buy a 3 liter camel back and the 2 bottles on the bike it should be enough to get through the day. Clothing will be kept to a minimum because we'll be spending most of the day on the bikes so will not need any extra clothing other than the things we'll throw on after the day is over. I wouldn't recommend getting to close to us near the end of the trip becasue I'm sure it will have a bit of odour. Getting to the start and from the finish will be done by bus as we can put the likes underneath. I'll keep updating as we find out more info ourselves. The other little point of interest will be the maps and route....
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