Saturday, April 12, 2008

Feeling the love

I won't mince my words but the last few weeks I have been shite in practice and completely not enjoying the rides. Just flat with no inspiration to go out there and push a bit harder. i think after the hectic early season we have over here weekend after weekend, racing and training at full tilt i was a bit run down. It all sort of leaped up on me after only just starting and got swept away by the intensity of it all. Like most things that have peaks this roller coaster needed to come back down to earth. Last two weeks have been tough training weeks for me because I had nothing to motivate me to get on with it. There was avoid that I think the professionals are so afraid of reaching after their careers come to an end. You seem to have an emptiness without that adrenaline which kept you pushing your own limits. An example is that I would get up in the freezing cold darkness and go for a ride or spend time in the gym on a trainer keeping myself pumped by thinking about the payoff's. Now the season's have changed, I don't need warmers for either arms or legs. I might start with something warm but I take it off as soon as I've warmed up. The sun seems to be beating me up and there is no more chill in the once crisp morning air. The problem with this new found possibility of getting out there in comfortable conditions?? I just don't have that lust to leave my bed. Work has been an element but still not the main force behind it.
That was until Thursday and Friday's riding. I simply took off from my regular training program and went exploring around the area. I've wanted to do something like this for a long time and now was also the time before our trip next weekend. All in all I put in 100km in just under five hours. My legs were feeling it and I'm wondering how good things are going to go when we'll be doing similar distances in 1 day, 9 days in a row. Helped Mirit's brother set his bike up for their trip with the panniers and rack, quite tricky on a bike with disk brakes and not made for touring. I had a bit of a shock when cleaning my old bike, a Giant Boulder. Decided I'd use these with my panniers that I bought instead of the Epic with the trailer. Problem in that the rear dropouts thread has worn out and you can't replace it becasue is built into the frame. Not sure if I'll be able to re-thread it or if I'll need to make another plan with a spare dérailleur hanger and some super glue. Life is always interesting.
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