Sunday, April 13, 2008

Week has only just begun...

And I'm already dead tired. Not sure if I didn't get enough sleep or simply over did it this weekend trying to get things organized and then still putting the rubber down for more than my normal time. Really not sure why I'm feeling so run down but hope I get over it sooner rather than later. felt really good over the weekend but I've somehow slumped yet again into this lethargic melancholy mood. I have started swimming to spice things up and to get my back a bit stronger. I haven't been feeling the back but I want to build it up now before I hurt it again. So I'm sitting here in a half dazed mindset wondering about our trip next week. Got off the phone with Ofir about our ride so we're trying to get some of the final things organized. So I'll sign off now and be back tomorrow with hopefully better news.
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