Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The trip is almost here

So our trip across the holy land is drawing near. Two more days and we'll be on our happy way. I can't wait for the simplicity of riding all day, every day for nine days. Also be quite interesting to see if we'll make it in nine days as the route is about 900km. We won't have any rest days due to afore mentioned tight schedule but sure we'll sleep like logs every evening. Also managed to fix the Giant that's thread had gone. A friends uncle took a look and re-threaded the hole and inserted a new bolt into the dérailleur. It may take some doing to undo the bolt now but hopefully won't be needing anything to serious for the next week or so. I'll be assembling the bike this afternoon to its previous grandeur and then taking it up to the LBS for cabling and a last once over from a pro to make sure all's well.
This week I only got on the bike for the first time today. Had an awesome ride with some friends. One of them bought a new Yeti Arc or something to that effect. This of course gave him an extra 10% in new-bike power that wasn't there before. Felt good to push it with him and we ended up having to wait for the rest to catch up. I wasn't idle yesterday as I played a bit of football in the kibbutz. I enjoy playing but yet again I came away with back pain. Every time I say I won't play but then I go down and its the same story. Will I ever learn? Probably not.
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