Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Society vs Bike Geek

Picking up from yesterday's post about our office co-workers who don't understand us I got into thinking why are we so different. I can't believe I have gotten to the stage where it's us and them yet slowly but surely I have transformed from weekend warrior into full on bike geek. There I've said it, the denial is over and I am now at your mercy. Although mercy is far from what I desire, after all my zen training on the bike, force my legs to grind up that last bit of the hill, mercy is definitely the last thing on my mind. What I would like to understand is how all this came about. One day I was a normal nine to five worker with want for nothing more than to finish work and then enjoy my free time. now I find myself writing on a daily basis about how my training is going, fiddling with my bike when I get home just to make sure she's tip top.... wait, reverse there for a second. Yes I just referred to my trusty steed in a personal form, as you can see this is not just a pass fad but rather a full blown affliction of how addictive and awesome bike riding can become. Sometime, OK, most days Mirit is quite worried that I may one day leave her and ride off into the sunset with Ami(that's the name Mirit has christened her with). So I give myself over fully to this new found joy. Many have tried to resist but now find themselves with that stupid happy smile on their faces on the weekend ride. I'm sure the thought in their mind is: "Why did I not start riding earlier?". Even Mirit who once looked at my spandex arse in dismay is now tempting to get on a bike for a Saturday ride... as long as there are no mountains!!! Need to start somewhere I guess so I'm building her an old beater from parts I've found around the Kibbutz. Not top of the range but by the end of the week she'll have something to ride on. From there I'm sure I'll let the geek virus take over and do its work.
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