Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Been on the down low

Distance: 42.2
Duration: 1:56:22
Calories: 1657
Terrain: 70% service roads, 30% tarmac
May Mileage: 295.1

As you can see by the time I'm back on track. Went out after work today for a spin up towards the northern border. Been wanting to check out if there was a way to get to the forests of Hanita only by the service roads so I wouldn't have to ride on the road. I found a way so I will be incorporating this little jaunt into my book of rides from now on, especially as it hits the two hour mark which is what I'm looking to spend on the bike. I didn't go up to the forest but back along the beach road. Was a brilliant afternoon although I started out a bit tired. Difficult coming home from work and then jumping on the bike after sitting on my lard all day staring at my flickering screen. My heart rate shot up really fast which was a further indicator that I was tired but I kept turning and about half an hour in I got into a rhythm, it may have been earlier but i noticed it at about this stage. So just pedaled along in Zone 2, at least high zone two range to get some work into these legs of mine. Went really well and this evening not feeling the Achilles at all. I'll ice them down just before bed time and the tomorrow its back with the group. Won't be doing anything hectic as Ofir has told me to work my way back up building my volume. So all in all a good bike day, as good as I've had since getting back from the trip. I'll try put in about two hours again tomorrow, it'll be hilly so another test of the tendons.
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