Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pushing on

Distance: 37.6km
Duration: 1:40:25
Calories: 1246
Terrain: 50% Asphalt, 50% Service roads
May Mileage: 252.9km
This mornings ride was a great ride, the first in a long time that I was able to push it a bit. I went along the service roads around the fields so that I could get a little grit between the teeth and get the smell of dust in my nostrils. normally I would not be that keen but with my current situation i would probable bath in the stuff. Enough on my personal hygiene and back to the ride. The roads wind between banana and avocado fields with no real climbing just the occasional rise. I managed to keep my heart rate up there and the cadence pretty high. I've found that it helps to keep the cadence high rather than pushing the high gears, a could tip to anyone coming back from an Achilles injury. After getting to the asphalt along the beach where I was pedaling last week I pushed into tempo mode for about ten minutes and felt great. I met a friend along the way, which turned out to be a blessing as i cut back down on my pace and coasted along with him. Great start to the week and hopefully will be building some more as I go along.
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