Tuesday, May 20, 2008

On the mend

Kilometers: 28.2km
Duration: 1:13:38
Calories: 842
Terrain: Flat tarmac
May Mileage:

Tender is about all I can say right now. I have not been pushing it but I did up the tempo a bit. Glad to report that no pain but I was aware that I'm coming off an injury. Can't explain how frustrating it is to ride so slow!! Decided I'd also start posting my mileage and monthly miles so I can keep track of it online while I throw an spreadsheet together that I can draw fancy graph's with. I must though give the inspiration to Jill, who would make most of us look like wimps when it came to daily mileage as she racks up the training and commuting miles. Dreaming about commuting to work as soon as I'm feeling 80% without any serious pain. The tendons were creaking today which is weird but luckily not painful.
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