Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Coach returns

So Ofir, my coach, returned today from the European Champs that took over the weekend. He was there with the Israeli MTB champion, Rotem Ishai. I had a chat with him about the injury and where I can go from here with regards to the season and what I will need to do. Just a short one and I'll be speaking with him tomorrow when I go to team practice for the first time in about a month and a half. Looking forward to getting back onto some single track although I'll just be trundling through so keep my wheels turning. I mentioned I'd been doing hour and a half session's at just above recovery pace. He said this was the best thing to do so I don't loose any of that building, the little I've done this season. Being my first year I'm not sure what to expect after this injury or where I can go the rest of the season. I'll try update on this after I've have a proper talk with him. Today was a rest day and just sitting watching the carnage of the Giro. Man these boys seem to be riding on ice while the chase just put in attack after attack. Hope you enjoying the riding. Today will be a complete sport day for me becasue this evening the Champions League takes place in Moscow.
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