Friday, May 23, 2008

Single Track

Kilometers: 13.2km
Duration: 1:11:52
Calories: 967
Terrain: Single track in the hills, rocks&drops, bit of pumping. Very dry and packed. Either up or down no flats
May Mileage: 192km

Great to be back on a bit of single track. Been bit unmotivated lately and yesterday didn't go out for a ride. Two reasons for that, firstly the football game went into overtime and penalties and then I was just to lazy to get out in the afternoon. I hate myself afterwards when I don't go out but was pretty tired after not getting much sleep, I knew this becasue I get really grumpy when I'm tired and I was a real grouch in the afternoon.
Back to today's ride. Went out with Erez and Omri into Misgav, one of the top area's for cycling in Israel and the place of last years Championships. I can also add that this is our training ground so I loved getting back after been out of practice for over a month. So played around but I was very gentle on the Achilles and had to jealously watch as they were working on the technical pieces. As you can see we didn't do much but jst going out and playing around in the hills was great fun.
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