Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Short and Sweet

Can't say that I've been inspired to write about much lately since being off the bike. Seems the two go hand in hand so I'm hoping that I get back on the bike regularly before chasing you all off with to many boring stories about lying around waiting for the healing process to take full affect. From today I'm trying something new when I get home. Instead of flopping onto the couch and lazing my way through the evening reading I've decided to get flexible. I find in difficult to get home and do exercise, not sure why but I'm a morning person. So got a few back strengthening exercises and stretches becasue I had some problems in the beginning of the season. Pretty simple and only takes about half an hour so I don't feel like a sloth. Tomorrow I'm going to try for and hour and a half on the bike, and hour like Monday and then half an hour really easy just to get the legs used to the fact that I want them working for longer than an hour.
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