Monday, May 12, 2008

Slowly recovering

Not my first ride since my trip but the first training ride. My Achilles has now subdued to the point of being bearable to ride for about an hour. So I headed out early this morning before work for about an hour in zone 2. This is basically a bit faster than a recovery ride but nothing to serious, normally. I haven't held this type of pace for a while and I have to say that at the half hour mark I was feeling it. I pushed through and happily turned at the white cliff's of Rosh Ha'Nikra, our white cliff's of Dover. Glad to be back and tomorrow I'll be out again trying to keep that pace. I need to get into some sort of fitness again becasue we have some marathon's coming up but I doubt I will be able to compete competitively for it because of the lack of training. I'll spend a week or so getting back into things and then speaking with the coach about how to start building back up to a competitive level. Bit of a bummer as I have also moved up to the expert class so I'll not only need to get to the previous level but somehow need to find a bit extra to compete against the more experienced guys. Glad to be back in training though. Short post but tired from the drive back from work. Another stroke of bad luck is that I will need to travel the full distance to work an extra day in the week, that means more hours on the road and less on the saddle. I have thought about taking the bike half way and then doing a bit of a commute so I will let you know how that pans out.
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