Sunday, June 8, 2008

Blue, green and purple

Distance: 42.5km
Duration: 2:07:32
Calories: 1694
Terrain: 40% Tarmac, 40% Dirt roads and the remaining sweet technical hill that with amazing single track. Well worth the effort to the top
June Total: 80.8km

All the colors that belong in the rainbow but somehow have manifested themself on my swollen ankle. The last few days I've been limping around, well not quite limping because I decided to keep the leg up with ice on it as much as possible. Seems to have worked its magic the great acronym R.I.C.E. Rest Ice Compress Elevation. The ankle's swelling has come down slightly and the color has gone from blue to purple but more importantly the pain has faded. Albeit that I don't have lateral flexibility but am able to move the foot up and down, all that I need to pedal so I was on my bike this morning. Felt no pain from the time I was clipped in till I returned. Wrapped the ankle in ice this afternoon and then compressed with a bandage so I'll see how it is tomorrow as I want to put in about four or five hours on the bike tomorrow. Should be interesting.
The ride today was through the banana fields and then up to a place called Hanita. Awesome climbing hill but decided not to go all the way up because the single track leading down is situated half way up. The stream has carved out a small canyon that wind's its way over and up rock faces with tree branched reaching down to knock you off balance. I really love the area just don't get up there much. The way back was along the beach front with crazy head wind, rather strange as the wind is usually the other way around.
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