Monday, June 9, 2008

Climb to the castle of Yehiam

Distance: 34.1km
Time: 2:02:00
Calories: 1591
Terrain: Jeep track with some meaty climbs saved solely for us mountain goats
June mileage: 114.9km
The great thing I have to say about staying in Israel is being able to hop on the bike and travel back in time. Decided to do a long/historic/exploratory ride this morning with some serious saddle time, 3 hours or more. The reason I'm able to squeeze this in on a Monday is becasue we're celebrating Shavuot here in Israel but more on that after the ride, you need to earn those calories. I woke up early feeling a bit crabby and rusty from yesterday's ride, pushed it a bit harder than I thought by the feeling of it. Took me a while to get the legs turning without the squeeling noises coming from my body. First thing I realized was that I had not eaten well yesterday and the tanks were empty, amazing how quickly you feel it. I had some gel in the back pocket but decided to keep them there for the bonk that never came. Glad about that as burned some more calories. I was not feeling well and by the time I reached the castle sitting half way up the climb I was not keen to continue, I had the added calculation that the grass needed cutting before the family came over. So after an hour of climbing I made my turn and was a bit disappointed that I would not be able to put in the full hours I wanted or get the kilometers under the belt. What goes up must come down and boy was it fun. Yet another puncture when I arrived home so it'll be off to the shop tomorrow to convert it to tubeless again. Need to fill up the back tire in anyway, the amount of thorns fighting their way into your path here makes some form of anti-puncture treatment there, solid rubber is not unheard of.
Back to the delicious part of the blog. Shavuot is a day of cheeses,more cheese and then just to top it off some more for good measure. We had white cheese, blue cheese, yellow cheese, cottage cheese, broccoli cheese pie, cheese and mushroom pie, cheese and zatar borekas, greek salad and finally a dessert of cheese cake. It was cheese all round and definitely my favorite holiday.
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