Wednesday, June 11, 2008


The state of the ankle. Not sore or anything just all big and nasty. Decided to rest it up some more, partly becasue I need to rest the leg, partly due to puncture that I still haven't mended, partly because I forgot to pop into the shop yesterday to buy the tubeless setup stuff. I will go this evening to pick the stuff up. On the way home I was detoured by luck as a car was on fire just ahead of me. The accident apparently had just taken place and I was near a off ramp to get around unscathed. I took the long way home and thus completely forgot about the tires that needing fixing while I was watching the black smoke billowing from the carnage.
In other news seems like summer has brought about the need for ink. Renee and Big Ring have taken there passion for the sport to a whole new level by permanently branding themselves. I've thought about it for a long time but I change my mind so often that getting a tattoo would leave me looking like Mickey Mouse faster than you can say ouch. The needle also aren't exactly what I want to spend an afternoon worrying about.
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