Thursday, June 12, 2008

Training again

Distance: 21.8km
Duration: 1:37:05
Terrain: Single track and some forest road to join the trails
Calories: 1577
June mileage: 136.7km

My zigzag route to recovery has taken a step in the right direction with me joining the group training this morning. The ankle is still not 100% but as long as I can move the the foot up and down I guess I can ride. There's no serious pain afterwards so I just take it sort of easy on the rides to keep the fitness up. However, this morning was a step up from my regular dawdling in zone 2. We did some spinup's along the flats to help with speed and cadence. Basically its a gradual increase in cadence till you max out in thirty second jumps. The key here is cadence and not power so you don't need big gears. Then things got better with work on our base and the technical stuff, single track. The mountain where we train is full of single track and some of in is really technical so we wound our way up and down these artery's to get the blood in full motion and the legs warmed for our last and my favorite part. Hill repeats in HUGE gears. I was feeling great this morning and ate up the hill, seems like I've managed to get stronger with all this rest as I did some of the biggest gears when going up the hill. So thouroughly enjoyed the ride and am now in R.I.C.E mode again as Trio suggested.
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