Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ascending to Heaven

Distance: 46.8km
Duration: 3:17:22
Calories: 2621
Terrain: Uphill for more than half the way on loose gravel track
June Mileage: 197.5km

As you can see by the heading I certainly enjoyed yesterdays climbing. We climbed and climbed for what seemed like hours. My legs were feeling yesterday's practice a bit but after spinning the legs a while they were ready for the days exertion. The gradients got up there in the high twenty's at times but the granny gear came out and I just kept going strong. Great feeling this last week while climbing. What used to be tough climbs are now much easier and I find myself simply gliding up the hill's. All good and the ankle was not a worry the whole time.
We started the day in Gilon, a small communal village where Erez stays. It's situated on a hill so we descended from there and then headed east toward Carmiel from where we would make our way up to Kharashim, a village similar to Gilon. I will keep the route in mind becasue we climbed for a long time before reaching our destination so this makes it a great route to get some climbing done. From there you over look the entire area and the valley bellow, full of olive tree's and in the distance the ancient city of Akko.
On the way down we hit a bit of tarmac where I managed to hit a top speed of 63.7km/h. Great day out and really looking forward to the next weeks training.
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