Sunday, June 15, 2008


Distance: 41.7km
Duration: 01:50:24
Calories: 1416
Terrain: Dirt roads and Tarmac, more dirt than tar thankfully
June Mileage: 239.2km

That was the sound of my tire this morning going up the hill I decided to throw in for the day. I'm sure cyclists have nightmares about this high pitched whistling and I was no different this morning, especially as I had no spare tube and also no pump. It would have been a long walk home. I need to replace the rear tire as I've worn it down good a proper over the last few weeks doing so much riding on the tarmac. Its gotten to a point where I the knobs are really just hanging on a thread but just don't have the finances to get another one. Sure I can wait another week or two, fingers crossed.
Other than that the ride was pretty usual. My legs are not used to four days in a row and this morning they were reminding me that tomorrow would be a rest day. The Last four days also included some epic climbing and hard training. Glad I was able to manage putting the days together back to back. This morning was a wrestling match to get out of bed but as soon as I was out the door I felt much better. BSNYC also had a birthday over the weekend so don't forget to wish him happy blogday.
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