Sunday, June 15, 2008

Down memory lane

For those of you inclined towards special effects and missed my video posting of the Tour's course this year you need to watch it. If you have seen it watch it again because I did and of its brilliant French cheesiness. The French are after all the self declared masters of cheese and wine so lets celebrate their tribute to this years Tour. If you can still orientate yourself to north with all the panning and swinging I'll be impressed but I do love the lumpy lines that seem to appear after a few days.
I do not have a long history of grand tours behind me in terms of sitting down and watching them start to finish or as a mater of fact in the saddle, US Postal were interested but some big honcho from the triathlon world was embarking on his way to the top. Alas even the days of Lance were just highlights on the eight o clock news to me. I enjoy reading about the history behind the sport that has given me so much joy over the last year and a half all be it that from a purely dirt side of the sport. My tribute will be to dedicate a few posts to the history of the tour and the great moments that have made the tour for the next month or so or until I get bored of all the doping scandal. Lets hope the UCI and ASO wrestling match will not overshadow this great race and that we don't see too many powdered noses hanging onto 16 year old girls.
[click on the map for full size]

Next... Bretange (Brittany for the plebs)
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