Thursday, June 5, 2008

Brain Picking the Best

If you're a racer of any sort of mountain bike the name Julien Absalon would have already rang a few bells. At the age of 28 he has managed to dominate the XC race scene over the last few years winning everything from World Cup races all the way up to the Olympics. Cyclingnews has just released an interview with the legend so get over there to read what he has to say. Here are some excerpts to getting your index finger twitching:

"It's no use to train in ideal conditions, when during the competitions one has to ride in bad weather anyway"

"No. The air is the same for everybody"

"Because of the many changes in rhythm, I'm now concentrating on interval training in order to gain strength"

"Besides, I do not win all the time. But I do win the most important competitions. Do you think that is a coincidence?"
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