Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Trip home and a swollen ankle

Distance: 20.2km
Duration: 01:22:44
Calories: 1134
Terrain: Hilly rocky jeep track
June Mileage: 38.3km

Trip home last night was a bit longer than expected and also a bit more challenging than I thought. The 4:30 wake up definitely set in in the afternoon and it was warmer than I thought it would be, I guess summer has sort of snuck up on me sitting in a nice air conditioned office all day. Not sure how Whitey and Groover manage to get up every morning like this but a 4:30 start makes for a super long day. One thing I can say about commuting is that after a long day with everyone jumping on your head there's nothing more stress relieving that hopping on the bit and feeling the miles soak up the tension. The trip back was great as I left the laptop at work and was more into exploring mode than getting to work on time mode. There are so many trails going off in cross roads that I can't see this getting boring anything soon.
That was yesterday and this morning I just could wake up. Dead tired and I was feeling the legs from all the hills. I haven't climbed for a while and being a keen lover of inclines I sort of lost myself in the moment. Just coming back from the Achilles injury I thought it would be better to take it easy and build up slowly for the commuting. Wise decision but completely ruined by my irrational choice of going for a game of soccer here on the kibbutz. The guys generally play and I arrived home from work thinking I'd take an easy ride to keep the muscles loose. I heard they were playing so thought about running around for cross training. But luck saw me go up for a header and land on my ankle. I felt it go and I'm sitting here with ice trying to get the swelling down feeling sorry for myself. We also have four days of holiday coming up, perfect for long rides to get the legs strong. What will I do now?
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