Tuesday, June 3, 2008

First Commute

Distance: 18.1
Duration: 01:06:19
Calories: 1041
Terrain: 100% off road on farm roads, 30% technical&rocky climbing
June Mileage: 18.1

So finally kicked off the month with a ride. 3 days!! Getting slack there but what can I do with work and things like people who don't ride bicycles. Need to fit them into your life some time. Did my first commute to work today. Well if by that I meant arrived to work on my bike. Decided to start out with a small distance to work and then build up over the weeks. No point in rushing and glad I didn't becasue I was in unfamiliar terrain. So it was an adventurous commute where most of the time I didn't know where I was going. I had packed everything I thought I needed only to arrive to a mist covered mountain that separated me from work. Didn't see that one coming so other than taking visibility down it just added to the adventure.
Did 18.1km but this will come down becasue I'm sure I didn't ride the shortest path and I had to back track a few times. It was awesome arriving on the bike and I plan on pushing the distance back further and further. The problem is that I still need to do just under an hour drive from there so there need to be a balance between time spent on the bike and drive time. I'd like to get it down to two hours total but that may take some doing. It also means adding two hours to the regular drive. All things in consideration though, I shower when I get to work so this cuts down time spent getting ready in the morning. I will also prepare bike completely, tire pressure and oil the night before so that the bike is ride ready in the morning. Also filling up the bottles in the evening and putting them in the fridge so I have nice cold water. All these things cut down on time preparing in the mornings.
Food is also another factor that I dealt with today by simply forgetting completely about it. No good as the calories I'm burning are not being replenished and I'll probably bomb in the afternoon without helping the recovery in the morning. I will also be cycling home again and haven't taken this into account. The laptop made my backpack really heavy and this is another area I will need to look into.
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