Friday, June 27, 2008

Double Whammy

Duration: 02:46:16
Calories: 2434
Terrain: Service Roads

Distance: 89.7km
Duration: 04:55:30
Calories: 3868
Terrain: Service Roads with single track between

June Mileage: 584km

Twice the blabber in one post, you can consider yourselves lucky. Went for a ride in the afternoon yesterday, get some mileage in these legs of mine after the technical course during the middle of the week. I ended up spending quite some time on the saddle but there was not much excitement going down as the trail was all service roads making it a slog all the way. Did go through one of my favorite places though, Nahal Kziv. Beautiful valley where you can still find some water a green during this time of the year. Everything is tinder at the moment and you sort of expect a fire to break out just from the heat of the day. We're getting close to the forty degree celsius now and the air is hummid as hell, thats basically 104 fahrenheit. We havn't even gotten close to August when things really get uncofortable. The nice thing about leaving in th eafternooon heat is that it gets cooler as you go along, not much but every bit counts.
This morning rolled out the door for my big ride of the week and I swear the temperature was the same as the afternoon. Spent almost five hours pedalling away up to Misgav, my group training area. Erez was taking some work collegues for a farewell ride and asked me to join to help keep the engineers under control, they have a tendancy to turn forrests into brindges and there would be none of that today. I was planning on riding there for my weekly ride so I would join the group and then see how the legs felt. Did some great single track up and down the mountain which I feel is already like my back garden. Stumbled home with almost 90km on the odometer and was stoked. The legs are tender now but I'll go for a easy spn just to get the boold moving aroudn and a complete rest on Sunday. Have a fantastic weekend.
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