Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Distance: Not important
Duration: The whole morning
Calories: Enough to pack in a few pies afterward's... but didn't
Terrain: Rocky steep and technical course
June Total: 440.3km

Erez organized a technical course for some of the Spider Team mates. Decided that my skills could use a bit of polishing and I was super glad that I made the effort to get to the course. A bonus was that I also managed to take half a day off and ride so this was a two-for-one special. The course involved uphills today and we still have two more lessons where we'll pick up so more goodies. Basically the goal today was getting up and over obstacles while maintaining momentum. Sounds easy and as you ride you probably pick up the odds and ends that get you over most boulders or rocks but there are those finer points on doing it with finese.
There are two ways to get over a step, you can use the rebound of your shock basically pumping your way over some object lying in the track. This does however limit you to smaller rocks and steps so the more effective way I learnt how to deal with these bigger obstacles was the pedal kick. You start with the pedal in the one o' clock position and then give a quick burst of power to get the front wheel up. After you've cleared the problem you move your weight forward and this gets your back wheel following. Cleared some really high boulders and was in my element on the technical hill.
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