Sunday, July 27, 2008

Another country

So the last month or so has seen an orgy of cycling as the whirlwind of the Tour tore through the French country side and headlined the major news channels as the best, well minus Contador, went at it. I had so much to say but the tiring unrelenting broadcasting led me to information overload just reading the views of everyone out there. I thought it better than to add my own brain farts although sometimes I just could help myself. I'm pretty glad the CSC boys pulled it off, a well deserved victory in the end and no doubt they will be a force to be recond with over the next few years. I felt a bit sorry for Cadel as his team mates were more occupied with the Latern Rouge than helping himout up front, really hope the Silence team can get their act together because he is so close to winning the coveted yellow jersey.
So we move on to my next challenge. As you may have read in earlier posts I spent Pessach crossing Israel from north to south. It was an amazing trip and thouroughly enjoyed the challenge. Spider is sending a few riders to the Isle of Mann to compete in the End to End Challenge. So yet again I will be traversing a country from one side to the other as I got the invite. I've been putting in good results this year with my first few races as a rider in the sports division and have decided to go ahead and bump up to the Expert level. I'd wrapped up the cup for the Sport league already but unfortunately I loose all these points and now have to finish off the season in mediocrity. Well its great to be able to push myself and seeing as this is my first year I'm already really happy with what I've acheived. So the rest of the season will be concentrating on the Israeli Championships and I'm hoping to push myself hard till then. Now that the Tour is over I may have more time to blog and keep you updated on my training both for the End to End on the Isle of Mann and the Championship. Might even see Mr Cavendish tearing around the island.

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