Friday, July 25, 2008

Time flies

Well the Tour for me promised so much for the Queen stage only to be hopelessly disappointed with the conservative methods of attack of CSC. They seemed to have far to many options and didn't know who to go with. Oh well, such is life and tomorrow promises to be a cracker although should Cadel pull it out the bag there would be no surprises for me. I'm a attacker and I attack in races instead of sitting and waiting. It may be becasue of the MTB racing and the fact that it is more of a individual sport than the team work required on the tarmac. Then again Cadel has the mountain biking background and CSC is the best team by far, yet both seemto be breaking with conformity. Cadel sucking onto the wheels of CSC instead of taking it to them or anyone else and then CSC putting in a great team effort but not willing to take that final leap into the unknown. I read that CSC seam to be bound as a second fiddle team, the same as during the Postal days. I can't give much of a comment there but I really can't see them winning without attacking. I just think of Hinnault and the way he would attack no matter what the consequences, as in the '68 tour where he almost rode his team mate out of the yellow he had promised him a year before. Luckily Lemond held on and wore the yellow into Paris.
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