Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blood Work

Today got the results back of the blood work I had done last week. The doctor didn't call me in to discuss it but I found the results in the mail. Apparently I'd only get a chat if there was anything wrong so I guess I can be quite happy to not get called into the sterile office. I got a list of acronyms and abbreviations that I had to idea what they meant. A long list of figures that meant nothing to me but after a bit of Googlizing I found that each abbreviation meant something about the blood I previously had no idea about. Since we had so many scandals breaking in our sport that I should at least understand what was going on in those secret passageways that keep everything working. The most interesting was obviously my haemo levels although they were dissapointingly low so i guess there's not as much oxygen getting to those important muscles as they should. I then went about reading what excercise does to these levels but the amount of scientific lingo being thrown around made my tired head dizzy so I decided to leave the investigation for another day. The good thing is that I now have something for the furture to compare my values against to see how they either go up or down.
As for riding I had big plans but I need some work done on the bike so dropped her off on the way home. Getting the cables replaced and the brakes bled. Also Uriel will give her a quick once over to make sure everything else is in working order. I need to replace the bearings but the costs are putting off getting them done right now. Tomorrow will be a tough ride so glad I chose to rather take a complete rest day, especially after yesterdays punishment.
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