Monday, August 25, 2008


Practice was rather tasty this morning with Ofir deciding that we haven't suffered in some time. Well at least not since the weekends race and that was a long distant memory to him. It was off to the sprint track, he might have been inspired by Bolt or something. We had to do 30 second sprints with 3 minutes rest in between, repeated eight times. The lactic acid was searing through these tired legs of mine and the steak from the prvious night was not helping matters. I finished just about on my outer limits and nasuea was setting in. The fact that I was about to blow chunks shows I was putting in the effort and no matter how uncomfortable in was the satisfication of pushing my body to the limts made it worth while. I will need to start putting this stuff into practise during the racing.
With pushing us over the edge we were all ready to do an easy ride back to the car and off to work. Yet again the sneaky fox that he is thought it a good idea to get that lactic acid moving around a bit with a half and hour tempo ride. So the envelope was definitely pushed as I forced the cider blocks attached to the pedals to turn over at a steady rate keeping the heart ticking over at a hefty rate. I enjoy practice like this every so often but it makes me realise the amount of work need by the top athletes to be able to perform. Imagine doing this type of riding all day as many of them spend hours in the saddle to get into Olympic shape.
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