Sunday, August 24, 2008

Looking pretty

This is what I looked into this morning in the mirror. Yesterday while out on my long ride with Erez A wasp decided to do a kamikaze on my eyebrow. At first the was nothing but by lunch things were starting to swell a bit and this morning the eye was nasty looking. So it was off work today as I needed to take some medication that would get the swelling down. By this afternoon it was right down and looking normal. So Mirit and I decided we'd put a bit of meat on the fire and I got some beers, good old imported ale.

Not pretty

That needs to go down

Mirit having a bit of Breezer by the fire

Getting the fire hot and ready

The serious fireman

Yesterday went for a three hour ride with Erez. He wanted to test out a new bike, Titus Racer X, and compare it to his Blur XC. I jumped at the offer becasue I've been wanting to ride a few other rides to compare them with my Epic. The Blur was fantasticly smooth compared to the harsher Titus. The Blur was almost like what I imagine a free-ride bike to be like. Having never riden on anything in the free ride side of things. My handlebars are really narrow so it felt like i was riding a bus around the trails and the stability was actually unsettling. I enjoy letting the bike get a bit out of control on those crazy turns but the wider approach made things a easier I have to say. The Titus on the other hand was really stiff and if I had another saddle I might have enjoyed the stiffness a bit more. Every bump I hit though send my arse right into the stomach amaking the technical stuff jumpy.
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