Saturday, August 23, 2008

Keeping it going

So this weekend saw another race in the searing mid summer. To make things worse the start was 13H30!! That got me a bit worried after last weeks heat wave that took its toll on me with cramps being the eventual result. I woke up yesterday morning to a wonderful sight though, clouds. At this time of the year its almost unheard of and there is never rain this early so you could call it a sort of miracle. No rain fell but the cloud cover made this a whole lot more comfortable than my previous mid-summer baking contest.
Onto the race. It was great to get out there and the pressure of my first race at the new level was off the shoulders. I knew who the main competitors were, this week amounting to a grand total of four. I just concentrated on keeping up with the guy that beat me last week, did some pre-race chatting and found out he has dominated the expert level the entire season. That gave me a bit more of a boost as he apparently was pretty much doing the same thing last year. this being my first year racing makes finishing second behind him quite encouraging.
Some how my start I go stuck behind all the clumsy riders. Keeping Matan within my sights I set off trying to not push too hard but keeping contact as last week I over did the first lap and that was the race over basically. Like I said though the clumsy riders seemed to sneak in front of me at every corner just as I was making up ground and then go down in the turn. Hobbling around the donwed rider having lost all my momentum saw me loose about a minute in the first lap. I eventually saw him again on one of the switchback climbs but he must have noticed me coming and put donw the gas. That was the last I saw of him as I spent the rest of the race just riding at a competitve pace not loosing any places.
In the end I managed a second for the second week in a row. Not a bad start to my new level of competition but there will need to be a bit more work in the begining of the race to keep up with the faster guys.
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