Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bright sunny skies

The weekend has come and gone. I went for a ride yesterday with Erez. We were supposed to keep it as easy ride and do two hours of volume. We ended up doing the two hour ride but were climbing like goats all over the show. He introduced me to some single track he had opened up and some possibilities for future single track. So I'm hoping to help him out with buikding some trails. The ride was great as we were climbing up and down a mountain called the Camels Back. Brilliant place for riding and once we get these signle track open it will be a great loop for me to ride as I can do a great colume ride and still chuck in a bit of fun to spice things up.
Today I was supposed to go for a ride but decided to sleep in. Hoping to make up for it in the afternoon when the temp's were a bit lower i hit the pump track. Its still in th ebuilding process but more on that tomorrow, here's a pic to whet the appetite. As you can see plenty work still but the tight technical little bit of creative space should keep me occupied after work.As for the afternoonride... it never happened!! The weather was great and I really havn't been to the sea since arriving to the Holy Land. I really love the sea and its such a pity to not go down when I live a stone throw away. It may not be something you associate with Israel but we are situated on the Meditereanean after all. I think of it as my own little piece of southern France. The water was lovely and warm, i had an ice cold beer in hand and we were playing beach tennis all afternoon in between the occasional dip. I've convinced myself that it was worth the lost day in the saddle as I just hope that you feel the same way. Sure most of the folks over in the States would love a sunny day let alone aday in sand and surf.
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