Monday, August 4, 2008


Firstly I'll pass on the great news that I've finally got a digital camera. That means that there will hopefully be some images from the Holy Land flying across the blogosphere. Really simple point and shoot but it will suffice for the battering that it will go through. I'm really excited becasue I can now actually document my rides a bit better and share the magnificent views that I find myself looking at in the early mornings.
As for the heading of the post I was lucky enough to give a ride to the best rider in Israel. Rotem is in our team but tends to train by himself so he only joins us every now and then. Today he came and gave us the run down of the race that's going to happen in two weeks. Its our home event with a newly opened single track. Its a bit messy with the soil thats completely loose in some places and there is some really great climbing. He showed us the better lines and you can see where experience comes into play as he straightened out he course and made it look easy.
I wasn't feeling fresh at all, work and sleep seem to have caught up with each other so its off to bed early tonight and a late afternoon ride tomorrow.
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