Friday, August 8, 2008

Rough Week

Man oh man am i glad this week is over. Its been a rough few days for me with some crazy hours of work being put in and then trying to fit a practice before work. The weekend often see's my bike in the above position as I give it a clean and oil the squeeky joints. I love getting the bike on my home man bike hanger, I don't have a stand so this setup works well enough for me. I have a few problems that need to be sorted out before the Isle of Man jaunt. Firstly my rear shock and front fork need some TLC of a profesional. Secondly the bearings of the rear triangle need to be changed. This costs some dough that I'm a bit short of as most riders are.
We also have a race coming up next weekend that I'm getting pretty excited about. It will be my first race as an expert rider. This year has gone really well for me in terms of progress with my riding. This week saw me up at some ungodly hours so I could get the hours allocated to the saddle in before work. The was the main reason for my tiredness at work so i hope that next week will be better and I can get into bed earlier. The rides have been on and off. I was feeling the fatigue on Thursday's team practice. I suffered all the way though and collapsed in bed last night. Today I went up to Ma'alot where the Championship is taking place adn saw that they had already marked out the course for next months dry run of the course. I really love the place becasue of how technical it is. There's no hiding on the course as you have to work constanly. Tomorrow its a long ride with Ofir, the chap I completed the trip across Israel with. should be good.
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