Tuesday, August 12, 2008


News has not been on the low side but sitting and writing it down has been. My first race for over three month's is coming up this Friday. During the hot summer months the roadies take center stage as we dust loving fat tired daredevils fly around ever drying track. As you can see from the graph below the race is going to be really tough. Went out yesterday to do a few laps on the track and was turning in times about half a minute down on the elite riders. Good news for the upcoming weekend of the Israeli Cup in Misgav. The first half is really the tough part because of the steep drop on the technical track that is pretty loose because the soil has worked loose. The there's a huge climb to that has a serious kick in the beginning that calls for the granny gear to be whipped out.Today I got the bike back after a bit of TLC at the local Fox dealers. after the yearly maintenance check. They did the work in a day so decided to buy them a six pack for the good work. It put a big ass smile on their faces and sure they'll be sipping on some ice cold barely goodness as you read this.Now all I need is to get the cables replaced on the bike and I'm set for the weekend's race. Trying to fit all this in while still needing to put in the hours at work is tough.
I also found myself spread on the floor last night with a wicked smile spread across Mirit's face as she ripped the hair out my legs. Decided to go the bald route on the legs for no other reason that to see the veins popping out. Phsycology plays just as much a part of the race as anything else so I'm hoping that the other riders will be a bit surprised by my entry into the next level mid season. Just hoping to go there and get a good result as I must say that saddle time has been as high as I can get it without being fired. Happy days
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