Wednesday, August 13, 2008


First time in my life I've had blood work done today. Went to the clinic after reading about how as cyclist we can use this simple procedure to gain insight into what our internals are doing. The invisible element that we often take for granted. So I now wait on the results to see what I may be lacking or if there are any anomalies. The only thing is that I don't have a previous test to compare against. It would be interesting to see my pre-cycling levels compared to what they are today. I also realized that needles are as painful as they look in a sort of annoying way.
That set my whole morning ride out of whack becasue I had to fast for the test. No ride this morning but I went out this afternoon for a ride up to Rosh Hanikra. Easy ride on with a few teasers of one minute full out. Feeling good for the end of the week and tomorrow will be an easy ride before the race.
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