Thursday, August 14, 2008

Resting up

Was supposed to go out today for a ride but after riding till sunset my legs were still a bit tender. From my running experince I find resting completely the day before is more productive as I want the energy levels to be at their max. What I haven't done till now is not going to be helped with an extra ride that will lower the energy levels. I'll do some stretching after supper with a few core strength excercises just to get the blood flowing. Mirit is in the kitchen with some carbs on the fire, pasta with mushroom sauce.
Pre-mushroomsOn another good note my weight has steadily gone down over the past two weeks. I'm trying to get down to about 72/73kg for the end of the year come Israeli Championships. Pretty happy with myself so far although I still seem to nibble on sweet things every now and then. The up side is that this lowered weight has not had an effect on the power i seem to be pushing out. I don't have any fancy measuring equipment but based on feeling I'm not as weak as I was feeling two or three weeks ago. Like Fat cyclist said about his race over the weekend, I go into this race with no expectations or pressure. I've moved up a category so expecting a win would be stretching it and I'm no where near peaking for the Championships so all i hope to gain is experience and a good time in my backyard training ground.
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