Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Today went out onto the track to do some race pace training. woke up to pregnant greyness just waiting to burst. Well the drive up to Ma'alot I had a huge smile on my face becasue the rain would clean up the track a bit and settle some of the dust. Well that was the idea as I thought that becasue Ma'alot is higher than the coastal plain where I live there would be more rain. Well I was mistaken, the rain petered out the as I got closer. It was a touch cooler so that was already a bonus but as soon as we started warming up the front moved in and thought it a good idea to soak us. Dilema arose because we couldn't get on th etrack without having clay stick to everything, the mud here is like super glue and the little rain and turned the loose soil into a sticky mess. Choices, choices.
We headed back to misgac for the training as we knew that rain would not turn the soil into anything like it was at Ma'alot. Half an hour later we were all in our gear again waiting to get started. A quick warm up and we were off to the races, at least against each other. I went out with the main aim of getting my head ready for the race and it worked. I was in tune with my body, relaxed and pushing the power to the max. I ended up staying with some of the elite riders which should put me in good steed for Saturday. Its the first time in a long time that I felt so pumped to get onto my bike. I'm really glad that it finally came before the Championships. The only problem in my way was the fact I had forgotten to sign up to the race, the closing date was yesterday.I was so dismayed becasue normally it wouldn't be a problem to sign up but becasue it was the national Championships they get a bit more antsy. Ofir got on the phone as soon as practice was done and we luckily got it sorted out. All that was going through my mind was that they would say no can do and all the hard work of the year would have been for nought. Focussing on the race had taken over making sure all the small things are taken care of. Well I'm signed up now and the bike is in super condition. Tomorrow there's just one more small ride to keep the legs working and a solid rest afterwards.
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