Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Walking the course

After a rather well rested day yesterday I woke up staring at the ceiling at half five this morning. I decided to get out of bed and make some tea. I caught some type of head cold a with snotty nose that kept me bed ridden after the yesterday mornings exertions. I was pretty well rested you may say when I woke up today and had a quite relaxing morning. I had planned to go out later in the morning to get some pics of the course. Mirit was still sleeping so I decided to head out earlier and glad I did. The short excursion ended up taking well over two hours but I'm so glad I walked the course.
This is so important and I highly recommend to anyone not just to ride a course but to actually hoof it. I saw some new lines that I'm sure will save me up to a minute dues to cutting and floating up obstacles that I was riding purely the way the track was going. I will test some of the lines tomorrow morning for my last big effort ride before the weekend. I took plenty of pictures and when I get home later I'll load a few up to the Picassa for your viewing pleasure.
My thoughts are just to keep calm. There's so much work on the first half that if you don't keep things smooth you'll blow it big time. I know this because this is how I've been ridding the first part so hopefully tomorrow will go better to get the nerves in order. I need to get the course well under my belt in order to do well but seeing that the race is three days away things are on the edge. "Fly like a butterfly" - this is what i just need to repeat to myself.
After that tough exploration I cooked myself in the sauna again. Its getting better but still can't stay in as long as I'd like. The weather has thankfully taking a turn downwards and they have even mentioned rain. I really hope for coller conditions and plenty sleep.
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