Thursday, October 23, 2008

Winter is Here

The holidays have come and gone so its back to work. The fist thing i noticed was that it wasn't that difficult to get back into the swing of things, normally it would take a day but I had some important tasks so the first day flew by. With the announcement of the Tour it did break up the day a bit so sure that helped.
On the way home though I soon realized that winter was here, this is not the onset of snow or cold weather but rather driving home in the dark. I'm not scared of the dark but I am scared of driving on the roads of the Holy Land. The madness that ensues on these roads during rush hour would make even a Hell's Angel squeamish so driving home in the dark makes matters that little bit more nerve wracking.
As i left i saw over the Carmel mountains flashes, I thought it was just the lights of the on coming traffic as they wizzed by. I finally realised that they were indeed bolts of lightning illuminating the sky. I was glad we were getting rain but really hoped that it decided to come down more towards the east in Nazareth. As I got closer to home the the frequency was increasing and I had dwindling hopes of missing the storm. There is a hill raising up out of one of the valleys that doesn't seem as steep as it looks yet you can really belt it up the side. most people do but as I crested the hill someone decided to flush the toilets upstairs. There was no preamble of a few drops or a light shower, I basically drove into a wall of water. All around I saw red brake lights as the shock of this torrent hit the people around me. I was just worried that the guy behind me would see the crimson and brake on time without rearaanging my rear bumper. With the wiper blades going at full speed rocking the car from side to side I mad emy way down the other side. Cars on teh side of the road not wanting or able to continue in the down pour. Either it was that or they were truely amazed by the severity of the storm.
So summer is over and now we go into the green season. The fantastic thing about Israel is that I'm not forced off the bike because it basically means I don't have to get up at the crack of dawn to miss the heat. a ten o clock kick off is just what the doctor ordered for the winter blues.
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