Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Tour on its Head

I must say that the announcement of the Tour de France route has come at exactly the right time. With me planning a two week hiatus to get the legs well rested and also freshen up everything I can concentrate on the blog and more importantly immerse myself in the Tour. Amazingly I have not been scared away by all the scandal's that have wracked the sport over the last year. I'm firmly in the group that says its going to get worse before it gets better, I mean the culture of doping has been around for decades so why would it suddenly stop just because they're testing. There's always going to be a way around for the cheats or so they think and the profits often outweigh the risks.
I am quite excited about the tour, already being labeled the upside down Tour. Could this be a good omen for the man down under Mr Evan's. This is a course built for climbers with the time trialist being short changed with half the regular amount of TT. There is however the return of the team time trial that I think shoul dbe a regular fixture. When I first started watching I heard all about road cycling being a team sport yet the TTT was never a regular stage in stage races. If this is such a team sport why not include the one event that is tailor made to show how well a team works together. The added bonus of the Tour is that its a climbers dream. Steephill has a graph showing the previous years stages to this next years and you can see how biased this course is for the climber.
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