Friday, October 24, 2008

F1 Start

Coming from a Formula 1 enthusiast background I must say that I have my chops salivating at the start of this years Tour. The unique feature of the Grand Prix of Monaco is that it is a street race, for 364 days of the year this is a road used by the high flying principality. The race track is tight with few overtaking abilities although this would be the the last thing on the cyclists minds. The equivalent of Phil Liggett is Murray Walker, also a Brit with the same enthusiasm for the sport. Although retired I would love to see him come out of retirement for one day and sit next to Mr Liggett and hear the absolute madness that ensues. I', sure Sean Kelly would be sitting stunned on the side as these two sounded off of each other, Murray Walker in his excited tones and Phil Liggett mistaking the Prince for Contador. It would be fantastic, but dreams aside, Monaco see fireworks from the get go and with the Tour tackling the Pyrenees much sooner than usual. With Cavendish making his intentions clear about the green jersey I think he may have selected the worst suited Tour to try and accomplish it.
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