Friday, November 7, 2008

Bike Cleanup

So during my rest period off the bike I've been keeping myself busy. I really wanted to get a new bike by the finance minister of the house(read Mirit) has made it clear that in the next year we'll be spending money on more important things. One small issue is the wedding we have to organize and that will be a drain on yeah old bank account. I'm really happy that I'll be spending money on something else other than my black hole hobby. I love cycling but it must be the first sport where I find myself wondering where the hell all that cash has gone. Walking into a bike shop already makes my credit card shrink to the deeper recesses of my wallet and my bank manger rubbing his hands with a wicked smile across his face. So no road bike this year and I'll be hanging onto the Epic for one more year...

The Epic however was looking a bit abused with the decals being rubbed off in certain places. Our team is also sponsored by Kona so showing up to the races brandishing the Epic always made me like feel a bit of a traitor to the people supporting us. So I decided to remove the logo's for both reasons and then when I sell it I'll just put new ones on. So enough said and here's the results. I might get some decals made with the team logo because she's looking rather naked. I'll also be taking off all the smaller stuff thats still on the frame and a new carbon bottle holder may be in order.

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