Saturday, November 8, 2008

Trail Work

Last year I was still as green as could be. I virgin in the cycling world with so much ahead of me and tons to learn. Well I've learnt so much through blogs and just searching for things. I enjoy the scientific side to cycling and find myself reading but not always understanding. It may take another year or lifetime but I'm happy knowing that I have a hobby that not only keeps me healthy but stimulates my curious nature with a plethora of information that can make you a better rider.
One thing that I have been really been keen to get going is some community work in building some trails in the area. I started a bit last year but its hard going. I've seen there is 18 square kilometer area that I normally ride around that is prime for some single track. The great thin is that the land is national land so building there is not frowned upon or at least not that I'm aware of. Luckily I have a kindred spirit in Erez. We went yesterday near his place and opened up a really great flowing single. Its normally in my longer rides that I get that side so it'll be great to go bombing around these trails knowing I helped build them. here's some photo's from yesterdays action.

Omer, Erez and Roi building the fork
Tricky uphill in process
Fresh trail waiting to be opened
Erez pondering the master piece
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