Monday, November 10, 2008


Just came across an old article about a proposed development of the nano-technology of respiocyte. From what I understand they have plans on creating a nanobot that would travel along in the blood stream pumping oxygen as it goes along its merry little way. Apparently one of these miniscule artificial red blood cell's would pack the punch of your entire blood system, imagine what a syringe full would do. It is being developed to help patients suffering anemia, a word I'm sure the UCI and ASO cringe at hearing. As you might not know this is the intended use of EPO so I'm sure every development that comes along only causes the govering bodies headaches. Robert A. Freitas Jr. seems like the Frankenstein of red blood cell work on the nano technology level and his research seems truely amazing but if this treatment found its way into the peleton you could only guess what the reults would be. At a nano level I'm not even sure how they'd be able to track something like this, if by what they say is true you would only need one of these in a top athlete to give them double the effect of their blood system. You would also have to be extremely unlucky to have that one nanobot extracted during a test. Something to chew on for the boys and girls thinking about taking on a job at the UCI in twenty years.
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