Wednesday, January 7, 2009


It was freeeeeeezing this morning. Went riding with Erez this morning in Yokniam, its on my way to work and Erez' office is jsut two minutes away. As I got out of bed I knew it would be cold. It was that bone breaking cold that seems to cut through everything. We had some coffee as you can see in the picture, what you don't quite see is the shivering. The coffee is also something special, we call it Turckish Coffee as it still has the grains in the coffee, unfiltered with a touch of cardamon.
The area is beautiful once you get into the mountains. This must be one of the hidden gems in Israel. About one kilometer outside the city limits you get into the mountains and it is beautiful Last time I was here they were cleaning up the place and making it more accessabile. This is an old spring that they used back in the day. The council really did a great job cleaning the place up and building a walkway.
The view below is of the Peace Valley. As we descending into the valley the temperature dived along with it. We quickly found our way back to the sun. The interesting thing is that the picture if I could zoom in has a herd of antelope. Not like back in Africa but a group of four wandering across the open is very rare. Normally you might see one or two so this was really special.

Had a super ride although this week has been rather shorter rides. Today we did just over ten km in the hour and a half that we were out there. The new found picture taking makes me want to get out there just to write about it and show you how beautiful it is in the green season, even with a war raging further south.
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