Monday, January 5, 2009

Group Training... or not!!!

Went for a ride with the group today or so I thought. I woke up early after getting everything ready last night. Took my time because I didn't want to wait in the cold to long while the rest arrived. So after a relaxing cuppa I was off for a brisk morning ride. Covered pretty much head to toe against the cold. Its really crisp in the mornings and evenings so best to get the layers going.
Well arrived at the training grounds only to find a completely empty parking lot. Not a soul in sight and rather disappointing after getting my act together. Well I had come this far i thought so may as well get out of the comfortable warm car and spin the legs. I had my iPod so was planning on catching up on a few podcasts. Just as I was about to take off Tamir arrived and informed me that the group was riding at Camel Ridge. Bit disappointed that I didn't read the email but the combination that the Hebrew is still a bit tough for me to read and that I spent the whole of yesterday try to get my vista system up and running left me clueless.

The rain has made the singles around Misgav really sweet and this is one of my favorites. Its called "Watermelon" and is so smooth and flowing that you find yourself pushing the envelope each time, especially as they've placed some more berms in it so keep your speed. there's even this wall ride near the bottom that is really fun. So we rode for about an hour and a quarter just going up and down single track and enjoying it. Tamir rides his bike everywhere so he pushed me a bit today. I can feel the fitness is way down but the fun factor more than made up for it.

So at the end of the day got in a really great ride. Also just talking about endurance events and I might have a companion on the 100km ride. I reckon if I take today's pace based on the terrain it should take about six or seven hours to complete. I'll get donw to planning and then next Saturday I'll try to push it.

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