Saturday, January 3, 2009

House Renovations

No ride today but plenty of work done in the mud. So at least from that perspective I was still outdoors and getting my hands dirty. We're moving to a new apartment here in the Kibbutz. A place a touch bigger but with the added benefit of a shed. This means I can finally put all my bike stuff in a single place without having to worry about dirtying the walls in the lounge or where my smelling ride gears needs to be stored.
There is a huge passion fruit monstrosity doing its damnedest at swallowing the house. If ever there was a plant that would take over the world this would be it. Sneaking into every home on the pretense of sweet fruit on those hot summer days it starts as this smaller little creeper. Next thing you know they entire house has been engulfed.
The previous inmates also decided that planting tractor tires would be a good idea. Not sure if they thought this is how they make tires and were hoping to make a buck but I would have been much more impressed had they though money grew this way. I used all my knowledge of science in the hope of not killing my back. Leverage was required and with Mirit's help we soon had the tired released.
So no ride but had some fun none the less. This week I hope to get out on the bike more often as I'm going to need to do some sort of riding before attempting the century
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