Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Easy Ride, whatever!!!

Went out with a good friend this morning, Shaked. Haven't seen him in ages but every time we get together I'm guaranteed a great ride, not an easy ride but always good. This morning I was still feeling the cement mixers in the legs so really wanted an easy spin. We started really well with a great pace and then met up with another friend called Shloosh. He's a monster on the road and simply tears up the dirt so the easy ride went straight out the window right there.
The pace gently increased as we all tried to keep up with each other. Each in turn driving the pace on. In the end we did just under 40km in about an hour and a half so the pace was brisk. The air was just as crisp so all in all we looked like helmeted drunks with our cherry noses. I really enjoyed the ride and will hopefully get some rest the weekend with an easy ride.
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